GEA presents the new heat pump series GEA RedGenium at Chillventa. This new series combines the potential of heat pump technology with the natural refrigerant ammonia.

The result is industrial heat pumps that differ significantly from similar products in terms of energy efficiency. The future of industrial heat supply also belongs to environmentally friendly heat pumps. These use unused waste heat as a source or unrestrictedly available heat, e.g. from surface waters. Heat pump-based systems combine performance and energy efficiency with sustainability and low costs.

The new RedGenium meets the modern requirements of standard heat pumps: minimum refrigerant charge, lasting sustainability through durability, compact design and selected components. The heart of the GEA RedGenium series is the extremely reliable and efficient reciprocating compressor GEA Grasso V HP. The design of the compressor has been as simple as possible - without the need for an oil separator and without special cylinder head cooling.  At the same time, all dynamically stressed components were adapted to the requirements of a heat pump.

Designed specifically for the smaller output range at heat transfer temperatures up to 70°C, all three heat pump models are equipped with a 39-bar compressor for applications in most industrial processes. Together with efficiently designed heat exchangers, they make up the special performance for which a RedGenium stands. As with all GEA heat pumps and liquid chillers, it is a turnkey solution with compact dimensions and a heating capacity of approx. 500 – approx. 1,100 kW. The extremely compact design makes the GEA RedGenium easy to install and maintain. Thanks to the innovative design and the short, 3D-shaped pipe connections with a minimum number of welds, safety reaches a very high level.

Sustainability is an investment in the future

Environmental protection and sustainable plants are important concerns for GEA. Like all GEA Red Heat Pumps, the GEA RedGenium heat pump offers excellent energy efficiency and more than meets the requirements of alternative heat supply concepts. Ammonia heat pumps are also a future-proof solution in accordance with political requirements. The core element of the F-Gas Regulation adopted in 2014 is the so-called Global Warming Potential (GWP), which is used as a unit for the CO2 equivalent of a refrigerant. With a GWP of 0, ammonia is not affected by the usage restrictions of this globally accepted regulation. GEA RedGenium heat pumps can also be used for improved performance evaluation (according to leading certification systems such as BREEAM-, DGNB- and LEEDS) for the sustainability of construction projects, buildings and infrastructure projects.

GEA at Chillventa in Nuremberg, Germany, Hall 7, Stand 502

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