Thanks to their many years of experience in the field of flow metering technology, the experts at GEA have succeeded with the IZMAG™ flow meter for metering with the highest precision. The proven IZMAG™ provides accurate and reliable measurement data such as needed in sensitive manufacturing processes in the food and beverage, pharma and biotech industries.

Recipe control, risk minimization and enhanced utilization of resources are just a few of the many factors that go to make up quality in these industries. The IZMAG™ flow meter represents an optimum standard with optional extras to provide individual support for automation projects at the highest level.

GEA’s IZMAG™ is a reliable electromagnetic flow meter, functional in design and almost completely made of stainless steel. The standard version measures bidirectional flows of conductive liquids volumetrically. It owes the reliability of its measured values to continuous internal calibration. The standard model can be expanded using Profibus DP and can be integrated within networks.

The IZMAG™ flow meter is available in a compact version and in a split version with separate signal transmitter and separate measuring transducer. The freely rotatable measuring transducer and the illuminated display, which can be shifted 4 x 90°, provide an unobstructed view of the display in any installation position.

Installation and commissioning require only minimum effort, saving time and expense. The IZMAG™ flow meter is a GEA service product manufactured in Germany – upholding a long and well-proven tradition – and sold at a competitive price.

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