In order to benefit even more customers, the GEA experts have developed retrofit versions of the innovative IO 4’’ control panel as well as the proven TP700 control panel.

The simple, user-friendly IO 4’’ control system was initially launched in 2014 for decanters. Since 2017 it has been available for use on all GEA centrifuges for every industry. With the help of a purpose-built frame, both panels can now also be installed into all common separators and decanters manufactured in or after 1998. The GEA retrofit panels will be available mid of March 2018. 

The GEA control panels were developed to focus specifically on users’ needs and to keep the control of the machine as simple, intuitive and user-friendly as possible. Operators are provided with all essential information they need to control the centrifuge. This significantly reduces the opportunity for human error, improves the reliability of the process, and allows operators to explore and use the full range of functionality that the system provides.

“With the TP700 retrofit, our customers get the newest technology while keeping their well-known interface” explains Jörg Venjakob, Product Manager at GEA. Customers opting for the improved TP700 also benefit from higher resolution and better display quality, high availability of components as well as minimum installation effort (Plug & Play). “The IO 4’’ retrofit however provides the innovative IO interface with all its benefits”, he adds. 

Compared to previous versions, the displays of the latest IO generation have been consistently streamlined, the symbols are self-explanatory, and the color code is based on international standards, including traffic light colors for statuses and the standard colors used in plant design for identifying pipework. The IO 4’’ is not only used to control the process and display information – it also interprets the data so that users can see how efficiently the centrifuge is running with regard to energy consumption, performance or separation efficiency. 

A key feature of IO 4’’ is its remote maintenance capability. This allows experts to access the centrifuge remotely, come to a quick and accurate diagnosis, make the necessary adjustments and have it running again as quickly as possible. “The latest IO equipment can be controlled within a local network or even with a smart client function via the internet” Jörg Venjakob added. With GEA IO 4’’, the entire potential of GEA's centrifuges can be fully utilized: simple, intuitive, reliable and user-friendly.

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