With the theme “Partnership for Efficiency”, GEA provides an extensive range of services for breweries ensuring highest reliability and maximum plant efficiency. The GEA service for breweries comprises the complete process area from malt intake to the interface with the packaging area, including refrigeration and CO2 recovery plants.

From customer trainings and original spare parts, optimization of operating costs, preventive maintenance, upgrades and modernizations, to service consulting and audits, as well as its service level agreements – all GEA services are tailored to its customers’ requirements.

Maximum plant availability has top priority

Depending on the equipment, the degree of capacity utilization and the convenience they want, plant operators can determine their individual service level. This highly customized service offering ensures high plant availability and efficient processes with increased operational safety and optimized production costs. The entire life cycle services of GEA are based on the target to sustainably improve the service for brewery plants with intelligent solutions that provide practical support in order to take full advantage of the plants' potentials.

Round-the-clock project information with GEA-Assist

With its user-friendly and customer focused service tool, GEA-Assist, GEA offers a secure web-based application designed to host and manage a variety of online services relating to project and plant maintenance. 

With the GEA-Assist software, customers can easily access their plant and project documentation, service history reports, plant asset register, spare parts and training videos. The software contains two different apps (documents and assets), for maintenance and documentation, giving users round-the-clock information.

The asset register module helps to manage asset information and maintenance schedules, from initial installation through to the most recent service. Using GEA-Assist the customers’ engineers are able to carry out maintenance more quickly and easily, and digital documentation remains better connected.

Thanks to continuous two-way communication between GEA and its customers, mobile availability and access to documents at any time, easy documentation access and handling, as well as continuous supply of information on site, GEA-Assist helps to ensure fast and efficient servicing and trouble-shooting avoiding unnecessary or repeated maintenance.

Real-time support, anywhere in the world with GEA Remote Eye Wear


GEA Remote Eye Wear offers customers virtual real-time support by a GEA service technician via remote access – for plant inspections, to provide support during commissioning and in the event of technical problems. As a result, response times are shortened and travel costs are almost completely avoided. 

Thanks to its integrated high-resolution camera and reliable microphone, GEA Remote Eye Wear provides a wide range of bidirectional functions such as "listening", "speaking" or "chatting". It is also possible to "transmit" and "edit" images. By projecting images onto the GEA Remote Eye Wear screen, repairs, process optimizations or inspections can be carried out at Internet speed.

The information is streamed live via WiFi interface so that machine operators can send and receive it in real time. Documents and records can be sent by the back office support or requested by the service technician. 

However, fast response times in the event of technical problems are not the only advantage of GEA Remote Eye Wear. In addition, production times can be maximized and operating costs reduced by identifying improvement potential and performing plant optimization. 

GEA Remote Eye Wear is available as part of a GEA Service Level Agreement. The scope of delivery includes the corresponding Remote Eye Wear glasses, a battery charger, a registration QR code, microphone, headphones, access point router and the complete documentation.

Find out more

GEA at BrauBeviale in Nuremberg, Germany, November 13–15, 2018, in hall 7, booth 602.

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