Technology group GEA acquired several major orders from various industries at the start of the third quarter, making up substantial ground after sluggish order intake from project business in the previous quarter.

The second quarter of 2019 had seen several customers defer the placement of certain mid- and large-scale orders, which GEA had been expecting to arrive in June. According to initial estimates, these deferrals have already boosted the current quarter order intake by roughly EUR 50 million. GEA’s Business Area Solutions has reported receiving three large-scale orders worth between about EUR 10 million and about EUR 30 million each – two in the field of dairy processing, and one pharmaceuticals order involving the regions of Latin America, Asia Pacific, and Europe. Meanwhile, the Business Area Equipment has already booked parts of a major order for separators. With the overall volume expected in the double-digit million euro range, this is an unusually large order for the separators business. 

“We are particularly pleased that the Business Area Solutions, which recently fell short of expectations, again significantly improved its order intake in the dairy processing sector, among others,” said Stefan Klebert, CEO of GEA Group Aktiengesellschaft. “Nevertheless, project business is set to remain volatile in light of the challenging macroeconomic situation. Customers continue to examine large investments very intensively, which may also lead to delays in larger orders in the future.” 

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