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Structure of Shareholders

Shareholder structure 2021

Regional breakdown of institutional shareholders 2021

The number of shares outstanding was 178,195,139 at year end, which represented a decrease compared to the prior year (prior year: 180,492,172 shares). As part of the share buyback program commenced on August 16, a total of 2,297,033 outstanding shares were repurchased and are now held as treasury shares. Market capitalization at the end of 2021 was approximately EUR 8.7 billion (previous year: EUR 5.3 billion). 

In 2021, as in previous years, GEA performed regular analyses of its shareholder structure. The latest analysis identified 97.1 percent of all shares outstanding. According to the results, institutional investors held 78.1 percent of all shares, while 15.1 percent were held by major shareholders and 3.9 percent by retail investors. 

GEA still has two investors – Kuwait Investment Office (KIA) and Oliver Capital (the principal shareholder of Groupe Bruxelles Lambert) – that are deemed to be major shareholders according to the definition applied by the German stock exchange (Deutsche Börse AG) and therefore do not count as free float. According to the latest information available to the company, KIA held a stake of 8.5 percent (approximately 15.2 million shares) and Oliver Capital held a stake of 6.6 percent (approximately 12.0 million shares). According to Deutsche Börse AG, the free float was approximately 84 percent as of the reporting date. 

Investor relations activities

Investment styles of institutional investors

In addition to quarterly financial reporting, GEA engages in regular dialog with capital market participants and has continued this practice during the fiscal year primarily by means of virtual roadshows and conferences. GEA kept in close contact with investors in 2021 by participating in 12 mostly virtual investor conferences and organizing 23 mostly virtual roadshows – some of which were attended by the company’s CEO and CFO. During these events, GEA held more than 219 meetings. Discussions focused on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the business performance, the progress of measures initiated to increase efficiency as well as the 2022 financial targets. 

On September 29, GEA presented its new “Mission 26” strategy at the Capital Markets Day in London. During this event, held both in person and virtually for participating analysts and investors, management provided a comprehensive overview of the company’s financial targets for the next five years along with its seven key levers to accelerate sustainable and profitable growth. 

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