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GEA is active in a variety of demanding industries with an offering, which includes process technology, solutions and services for the food, beverage, chemical, pharma, dairy processing, dairy farming and marine industries. The respective organizational structure follows technologies: The five divisions, each with up to six business units hold leading market positions.

Group Structure

At an organizational level, GEA is structured into five divisions. These divisions are:

  • Separation & Flow Technologies
  • Farm Technologies
  • Liquid & Powder Technologies
  • Food & Healthcare Technologies
  • Refrigeration Technologies
GEA Group Structure

Each Division is managed by a three-member Management Board consisting of a Division CEO, a Division Chief Service Officer (CSO) and a Division CFO. The introduction of the CSO function for each division underlines the importance of the attractive and stable service business for GEA.

Furthermore, in all relevant markets GEA has dedicated country organizations, where experienced sales and service teams ensure costumer proximity.

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