Manage herd and farm

GEA Herd Management for monitoring and managing cow health and operational processes

Improve health, raise productivity, save money – herd management with digital technology by GEA offers large and small dairy farms powerful functions for monitoring and managing cow health and operational procedures efficiently on a daily basis.

With GEA’s Herd Management your farm is front and center

GEA’s Herd Management system filters information to provide the streamlined perspective you need for the typical tasks at a dairy farm. With complete life histories you can get to know each cow better and keep track of her from birth on, even when the herd grows. Whether it’s current milk performance, cell count class analysis per udder quarter, measuring activity or estrous behavior - early signs and health alerts help you target your response. You reduce milk losses, save treatment costs and improve reproduction performance and calving intervals. Not too much, not too little – exactly the data you need for your work. Because with GEA, both you and your farm are front and center!

GEA Herd Management

GEA Herd Management

Простота использования с последовательным обновлением функций: Сочетание инструментов управления поголовьем GEA с самыми современными датчиками и «умными» функциями делает их доступными для владельцев молочных ферм. Познакомьтесь со способами эффективного управления молочным стадом!


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