GEA DairyNet

GEA DairyNet - Reporting

Crucial figures at a glance

Seeing production through the eyes of the farmer

Move your operation forward by looking closer than ever before at what’s happening in production. GEA DairyNet has analysis tools at the ready. Thanks to unique perspectives on herd performance, milking results, reproduction activities or animal health, you can recognize trends and correlations much more easily. You can use indicators to optimize your strategy. Immediate feedback leads to operational success.

The herd management program follows your interests

GEA DairyNet - Reporting

Are you curious about the milk yield of your top animals or do you want to know the ratio of lactating cows to offspring? With key information on your herd and its composition, you see the current level of your operation immediately. Detailed reports allow you to easily assess the milk performance of specific animal groups and dairy cows in relation to the average yield and discover potential for improvement.

Feedback for full milk yield

GEA DairyNet - Reporting

One look at your milk’s ingredients shows you whether the feed recipes for your top performing animals can be optimized. Is your strategy working? Through direct feedback and by comparing results over time periods, you can work to bring feed costs and milk yield into balance. Finally, the daily and monthly review of milk results gives you a picture of overall performance and milk yield – incidentally, including figures on cell count and milk composition as well.

GEA Herd Management for monitoring and managing cow health and operational processes

Manage herd and farm - Improve health, raise productivity, save money

Improve health, raise productivity, save money – herd management with digital technology by GEA offers large and small dairy farms powerful functions for monitoring and managing cow health and operational procedures efficiently on a daily basis.


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