GEA DairyNet

GEA DairyNet - Mobility

Mobile managing in the barn or in the pasture

The DairyNet app brings functionalities directly to the mobile device

The DairyNet app puts the herd management system directly into your hands: your smartphone or tablet becomes your office. This means you can easily take care of management tasks in the barn, in the field or on the go. Digitalized processes not only save you time and money, but also let you keep an eye on all procedures and optimize them directly.

Manage with GEA’s DairyNet app anywhere, around the clock.

GEA DairyNet - Mobility

Has an animal been examined, has treatment been carried out? Conveniently check the box on your mobile device on site. No matter whether you want to check current milk yield or reproduction status, with the DairyNet app you always have the relevant animal data at hand. Alarms on conductivity or cell count classes down to the quarter level or alerts from GEA CowScout keep you up to date. They offer you the basis for timely health and reproduction management. Want to check on how your automated milking system is performing? The live-view takes you directly to the milking box, where you can watch the milking procedure from attachment to removal!

All mobile devices automatically brought up to date

You can install the native GEA DairyNet app on iOS as well as Android. Logged-on mobile devices and stationary workplaces synchronize automatically. Entered animal activities are immediately visible for everyone. You avoid repeating tasks unnecessarily, because you and your team are always up to date!

GEA Herd Management for monitoring and managing cow health and operational processes

Manage herd and farm - Improve health, raise productivity, save money

Improve health, raise productivity, save money – herd management with digital technology by GEA offers large and small dairy farms powerful functions for monitoring and managing cow health and operational procedures efficiently on a daily basis.


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