GEA DairyNet

GEA DairyNet - Functionality

Intelligent analysis tools

Use data from the barn and milking parlor for your operation’s long-term success.

GEA DairyNet’s herd management program offers a variety of innovative functions that were developed and tested together with international dairy producers. Let practical tools support you in managing securely, analyzing intelligently and using the daily data from the barn and milking parlor to plan for the future.

Herd management – from key data to successful reproduction

GEA DairyNet - Functionality

Get a complete picture of the life of each animal, starting with documentation of all animal-related procedures up to milk yield in the current or previous lactation period. Make your choice and decide which cows you would like to continue breeding. Optionally, GEA CowScout can support you in oestrus monitoring. Timely insemination leads to successful reproduction and short calving intervals.

Sustainable management of animal health

 GEA DairyNet - Functionality

Do you want to work proactively to prevent milk losses? Alarm notifications during milking can point to an emerging mastitis, noticeable changes in movement and eating behavior to a hoof disease. Thanks to detailed analysis with GEA DairyNet you can get to the root causes. Measures taken early on are a crucial step in sustainable health management.

Designing economical processes and individual feeding plans

The sorting functions in GEA DairyNet’s herd management program facilitate the work with your cows. Divide animals into groups according to their performance and let the selection equipment single out individuals needing attention. You can feed the animals just as economically, according to their performance. The feeding plans and feeding curves are easy to use. Easily determine when and how often every animal gets the appropriate feed mix suited to its lactation phase.

GEA Herd Management for monitoring and managing cow health and operational processes

Manage herd and farm - Improve health, raise productivity, save money

Improve health, raise productivity, save money – herd management with digital technology by GEA offers large and small dairy farms powerful functions for monitoring and managing cow health and operational procedures efficiently on a daily basis.


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