As the earth is getting hotter and hotter, by 2050 we’ll need 3.5 times as much refrigeration as we do now. Today, already 15% of electricity worldwide is used for refrigeration and air conditioning. The way we handle cooling will therefore become more and more important.

Since the 1930s, we’ve used CFCs to cool things down. For years, they seemed like a good solution until they have been phased out under the Montreal Protocol due to their contribution to the ozone depletion. They have been replaced to a large extend by HFCs. But now we know they are no good for the environment. They contribute a lot to global warming. There is only one good solution: change to natural refrigerants.

Natural refrigerants are your only future-proof choice because:

  1. they’re available in unlimited quantities;
  2. they’re inexpensive (unlike synthetic refrigerants, which experience extreme price hikes) and very economical in use;
  3. they’re very energy-efficient;
  4. they’re not subject to any restrictions or bans under the EU F-Gas Regulation;
  5. and, last but not least, you’ll be contributing directly to climate protection.