GEA ColdSteam T

The GEA ColdSteam T significantly reduces defrosting time to well less than half that of conventional defrosting techniques. It is based on a GEA ScanMidi tumbler, customized for defrosting with a steam expander, extended cooling/heating jacket plus cooling/heating in the carriers, integrated vacuum pump and weighing cells.

GEA ColdSteam T

GEA ColdSteam T

Working principle
GEA applies defrosting under vacuum in a tumblers. Steam is injected into a vacuumized chamber containing blocks or pre-ground frozen meat. Due to the vacuum, the temperature of the steam is only slightly higher than room temperature, which means the meat is not scalded, damaged or altered, and its color, binding properties and structure remain perfectly intact. This means a meat processor can respond quickly to orders, as well as defrost meat ‘on-demand’. At normal atmospheric pressure (1.0 bar), water boils at 100°C (212°F). In a vacuum, it boils at a lower temperature. In a 95% vacuum (0.05 bar), for example, the boiling point of water drops to 33°C (91.4°F). The resulting steam is also at this temperature, so does not scald or damage the meat, nor cause denaturation of proteins. The steam condenses on the cold meat, and efficiently transfers its thermal energy, significantly speeding up the defrosting.

• Defrosting under vacuum

With the optional steam injection, the GEA ColdSteam technology, the GEA ScanMidi defrosts meat and poultry much faster than conventional techniques. Because the steam is injected into the drum under a vacuum, the surface temperature of the meat does not exceed 18°C (64.4°F), avoiding the risk of protein coagulation on the meat surface. Drum capacity for defrosting depends on block sizes and density (max. filling degree 38%). Software controls the meat temperature during defrosting.

• The surface temperature of the meat does not exceed 18°C
• High yield without destroying meat fibers or connective tissue
• Low cost of ownership

Output quality
Fast defrosting under vacuum increases operational flexibility as it reduces lead-time in the production process. Compared to traditional defrosting techniques such as tempering chambers or microwave systems, vacuum defrosting delivers consistent results without incomplete defrosting or hot spots. In other words, it enables meat processors to satisfy the increasingly higher demands of their customers.

• No damaging to products

The wide (900 mm) lid opening and adjustable drum angle simplify access for loading, unloading and cleaning. 

• Easy access and no hidden corners for optimum sanitation
• Easy loading, unloading and cleaning
• Wide (900 mm) opening lid

GEA Food Solutions declares that all machinery are conform with the essential requirements of the applicable CE directives.

The defrosting process is controlled by a PLC unit, operated via an operator friendly touch panel.

• Operator friendly touch panel
• PLC controlled

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