TT92evo - Twin screw cooking extruder

Twin extruder which can continuously and automatically gelatinize flours and starches

TT92evo - Twin screw cooking extruder

The TT92evo is the twin extruder with the highest power and widest range of final products, with a capacity of 1,2 tons/h of cereal based pellets snacks. It's equipped with a high speed premixer for a perfect hydration of flours, a large mixing vessel ensuring the dough to properly absorb water and a vertical forced feeding screw to control the dough feeding to the cooking screw.

The powerful variable speed motor is equipped with safety clutch, a double cascade gearbox with high torque. Its design with long modular barrel and co-rotating fully intermeshing twin screws guarantees a proper cooking of the cereal based dough: the best combination between time, temperature and mechanical work input. GEA designed a completely new frame with ergonomic design: stable, sturdy and easy to clean.

After dosing, the raw materials enter the mixing phase, which can be adjusted according to product needs. Thereafter comes the extrusion section. The TT92-evo extruder is a modular machine featuring a segmented barrel, with different heating and cooling systems. They can be equipped with feeding a port, a steam/liquid injection port or a venting port (atmospheric and under vacuum according to specific needs).

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