Pharma Biotech & Liquid Dosage Applications

Skids & Units for Pharma Biotech Products

GEA draws upon the comprehensive theoretical knowledge and expertise of its engineers to provide you with modern, bespoke and cost-efficient process technology to manufacture new medicines according to cGMP guidelines and US FDA requirements.

Pharma Product Skids & Units

The GEA Solution

As experienced designers and producers of process plants, automation systems and vessels, we supply customized skids and unit systems to complete your process line - even if your site is still under construction. Delivering pre-assembled, tested and pre-qualified units considerably reduces onsite installation and commissioning times and significantly accelerates the start of the production. Using a single-source supplier means that inter-system interfaces are kept to a minimum: from basic engineering, manufacturing and assembly right-up to plant start-up.

Design & Planning

During the basic engineering stage, we mutually define the main features of the plant and implement flow and plant layout diagrams, function descriptions, technical specifications, time schedules and documentation. 

GEA’s project managers and engineers have a wealth of experience in the design and planning of plants for the liquid processing industry. We assume responsibility for the integrated process components, monitoring, control and qualification; it’s all part of the service. In addition, in the design and planning phase, we focus on plant flexibility, lifecycle and, in particular, ease of cleaning, applying years of practical design experience, cutting-edge processing components and in-depth knowledge of the media in question and the processes involved.


Vessel calculations, nozzle location and selecting the correct pipeline dimensions are among the many criteria we consider when constructing liquid processing equipment, making sure that every design element and every calculation is checked to ensure the safe and correct operation of the plant. All our vessels are manufactured in our own workshops to ensure the highest quality, reliability and attention to detail. These high standards also apply to the final skid. All GEA’s systems can be delivered as skids, minimizing on-site assembly times, reducing SAT times as a result of workshop-based pre-qualification and improving production start-up times. Manufacturing equipment, such as vessels, etc., skid assembly, verification FATs can all be done “in house,” saving you time and ensuring that quality is managed in. Clients are invited to test the completed plant while it is in our workshop prior to final delivery.


Skid construction

Plants are only complete when qualified and documented. We ensure that our plants are all qualified and documented while in our workshop to make final approval by the authorities much easier. The qualification can include the following elements:

  • design qualification (DQ)
  • installation qualification (IQ)
  • operational qualification (OQ)
  • support for performance qualification (PQ)
  • support for cleaning qualification (CQ)
  • risk analysis.

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