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Spray Tank Washer Sanidisc 100 / 150

The Pure PTFE Sanidisc is designed for use in ultra hygienic applications where product purity and elimination of contamination problems are essential.

FLC Rotating Jet Cleaner Sanidisc with tubes

The simple easily disassembled construction meets all the needs of regulatory bodies, and means the unit is also very cost effective. The unique disc design gives instant and complete uniform coverage of all internal surfaces providing a quick aggressive wash.


Wash fluid drives a simple rotating disc. The disc spins providing an instant and total coverage of all the internal surfaces of the vessel. All the wash fluid exits the unit over the disc creating powerful high energy droplets. The wash is fast and aggressive, delivering optimum performance in a short timescale. The units are also ideal for burst rinsing.


The Sanidisc is ideal for replacing fixed or rotating spray balls or other rotating units where a quick aggressive wash is required. The high energy, high impact droplets provide very effective impingement up to two and a half meters depending on the size of the unit chosen, which means that a single unit can clean vessels up to five meters in diameter. Simple in design, effective in performance, they meet all the essential FDA, USDA and 3A material and design requirements. This makes the units highly suitable for the pharmaceutical, biotech, food, beverage and other hygiene conscious industries.

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