Handling Systems Pack Conveyors

Handling systems for connecting single machines to create an ‘intelligent’ packaging system, the conveyors can handle a wide variety of packages and include many innovative features for improved performance and flexibility.

Handling systems for secondary packages are mainly used to interconnect single machines that are part of a production line. GEA designs and manufactures systems that, instead of simply transferring packs from one machine to another, use an ’intelligent automation’ approach to optimize the operation of those machines and to guarantee the efficiency of the whole line.

Specific installation requirements and peculiar package features determine on a case-by-case basis the technical requirements of each conveyor system needed to transfer each package in the best way.

GEA secondary packaging conveyors work any type of pack (shrink-wraps, carton boxes, crates, trays) customizing layout and production speed. Stainless steel is used as required by the hygienic design of each machine.
Key product features include: a wide range of dividers/combiners for packs; lateral guides adjustment, manual with hand wheels or fully automatic, with quick references; elevators/lowerators with rubber belts; and swinging systems for vertical exchange between lines.

GEA is a specialist in automation systems for high-speed conveying lines for containers. As such it believes in the continuous development of line automation, an information network that transforms a group of machines into a high efficiency plant. The automation systems feature speed modulation using inverters (installed in the remote power board or near-field) to reduce power consumption and noise. Remote field PLC devices are used to optimize installations that have a high concentration of inputs and outputs.