Palletizers & Depalletizers Depalletizer Resolvis

Resolvis is a highly accurate depalletizer with fast, gentle lift/lowering motion, capable of operating at speeds of up to 2.5 layers/min.

Depalletizer Resolvis has low level product discharge and a steady pallet unloading system; the main operations (i.e. carriage lift, pallet transfer, etc.) are controlled through encoders: this gives extremely accurate positioning during operation.

The main machine structure is composed of two painted steel columns with two dead weight sliding blocks providing the counter balance for carriage offload and layer transfer. Carriage lift power is through a motor gear reducer unit with inverter control. This makes the lift/lowering motion faster and more gentle than alternative systems, without any sharp acceleration.

The carriage, where the product layer ready to be transferred from the pallet is loaded, is made of welded steel profiles. The unit is complete with pneumatically-operated side compacting bars that hold the product layer during transfer. Sliding tray motion is achieved through a motor gear reducer with inverter control.

Resolvis is available with a rotating column layer pad removal device with integrated empty pallet/tray removal.  The system uses belt transmission where possible to reduce noise and eliminate the need for lubrication. The design allows the system to be configured simply as required and gives open access to all parts of the machine for easy set up and maintenance.

Production capacity: up to 2.5 layers/min