Centrifuge Separatory do świeżego sera śmietanowego


This separator has been designed for the production of double cream fresh cheese from fat milk of 8 to 12 percent fat content. (The exact capacity is dependent on the parameters of raw and finished product.) The machine is driven by a frequency-controlled 3-phase AC motor without clutch via a flat belt. The self-cleaning bowl makes the machine suitable for fully automatic cleaning-in-place (CIP). Opening and closing of the bowl for discharging the solids takes place hydraulically using water. The product is fed into the machine through a closed-line system. Double centripetal pumps likewise discharge the heavy and light phases in a closed system.

The product feed and discharges in the bowl are hydrohermetically sealed and do not feature mechanical seals. The product connections can be designed according to DIN 11851 or ISO 2852 (TriClamp).

All product-contacting parts are made of stainless steel.FDA approved materials are available for the seals.

The optional condition monitoring system permits permanent monitoring of bearing condition and smooth rotation as a basis for targeted pro-active maintenance.

Standard scope of delivery

  • 3-phase AC motor
  • Foundation frame
  • Basic spare partsSpecial tools
  • Gear oil



  • Solids tank or solids discharge
  • Feed flow control
  • Whey discharge flow control
  • Process control (PLC)
  • Motor control (MCC)
  • GEA condition monitoring for pro-active maintenance


Feed: 1500 l/h - 13,500 l/h
Final product: 500 kg/h - 4500 kg/h


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