Reciprocating compressors GEA Grasso 5HP シリーズ

Reciprocating compressors for CO₂ freezing and NH₃ heat pump applications.

The extremely low volume flow in relation with the cooling capacity makes this series to a big performer.

CO₂ (freezing)

The 50 bar GEA Grasso 5HP compressor has been developed for use in CO₂ cascade freezing systems and is a well-accepted and reliable appearance in the industrial refrigeration market. 4 single stage models from 3 up to 6 cylinders cover a wide range of capacities. The extremely low volume flow in relation with the cooling capacity makes this series to a big performer.

NH3 (heat pump applications)

A logic further development of the GEA Grasso 5HP Series is the integration in NH₃ heat pump systems. The 50 bar design makes it possible to condensate up to 80ºC and results in producing high level of water temperatures. Heat pump systems are developing very quickly in various segments of industry (dairy, slaugtherhouses etc.) and contribute in reducing waste heat as well as CO₂ emissions

Features of GEA Grasso 5HP Series

  • Compact nodular cast iron compressor housing
  • High stage design pressure: 50 bar
  • Up to 30 bar pressure difference (Pc - Po)
  • Heavy duty axial roller bearing
  • Special design gas tight shaft seal
  • Counter pressure independent overflow valve
  • Capacity control steps per cylinder
  • Suitable for speed control (500 - 1,500 min-1)
  • Peek technology for high efficiency and long valve life time
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GEA Omni™ 補強パネル

GEA はイノベーション、リーダーシップ、精密工学ソリューションと同義です。GEA Omni™ 補強パネルはこの伝統を発展させるものです。高解像度のマルチタッチスクリーンを搭載する GEA Omni™ は、GEA のお客様が期待するような使いやすさと技術的なワウ ファクターを備えています。


PR-OLEO® Premium-Quality Ammonia Refrigeration Oils

PR-OLEO® 潤滑剤は、超高純度の基油と添加物を活用することで、一般的なアンモニア冷凍機油に優る重要な利点をもたらし、工場操業の効率化に貢献します。

GEA Service に関する情報を収集

CO₂ Freezing
ModelsSwept Volume*
Cooling cap. (kW)**
Dimensions (mm)Weight
Single stage-50/0 °C-40/-10 °CLWH
GEA Grasso 35HP10188152883861718552
GEA Grasso 45HP135117202883861718552
GEA Grasso 55HP168147252919943768633
GEA Grasso 65HP202176303919943768633

NH₃ Heat pump applications
ModelsSwept Volume*
Cooling cap. (kW)**
Dimensions (mm)Weight
Single stage35/80 °C35/70 °CLWH
GEA Grasso 35HP101261278883861718552
GEA Grasso 45HP135348370883861718552
GEA Grasso 55HP168435463919943768633
GEA Grasso 65HP202521555919943768633

* Theoretical swept volume based on max. speed of N = 1500 min.⁻¹ 
** Capacity based on: 2K superheat, 0K subcooling