GEA SuperChill


GEA SuperChill is a stand-alone brine chiller for use in ham and enhanced meat applications. It keeps thin and viscous liquids between 2°C and 4°C. Accurate brine temperature control reduces injection pick-up variation and reduces postinjection purge, both of which help increase the yield.

GEA SuperChill

Ideal to keep brine on temperature for ham production, enhanced products (such as case ready products) and turkey, the GEA SuperChill is easily connected to any GEA or other brine filter tank (connection is via two tubes). The unit is also equipped with wheels to increase its operational flexibility. Using a Freon R507 / Glycol refrigerant, the GEA SuperChill comprises a compressor, tube-in-tube heat exchanger, circulation pump and electronic control system.

. Cools thin and viscous brines to 2 to 4°C during injection
. For GEA Food Solutions and third-party filter tanks
. Unit is easily relocated to where it is needed
. Pump action produces a stirring effect in the brine filter tank
. Sanitary design gives easy access for cleaning and inspection
. Also available without built-in compressor