GEA FlowCook


With the GEA linear ovens you can produce steamed, cooked and roasted products with a high yield and attractive appearance. For smaller capacities the GEA FlowCook provides an excellent choice of cooking. Uniformity, versatility simplicity and reliability come together while cooking with the GEA FlowCook.

GEA FlowCook

Working principle
A conveyors transports the products into the oven which consist of two independent zones. A sophisticated air circulation system with air guiding plates optimizes heat distribution to the product. The principle is based on a combination of horizontal and vertical airflow ensuring best flexibility for a wide range of applications. The machine is standard equipped with a double dewpoint control system to optimize product yield and product characteristics. Cooking temperatures can be adjusted to a maximum of 240C. For high temperature applications and sticky products the belt can be dipped into lecithin bath. 

• Two independent zones
• Sophisticated air circulation
• Horizontal and vertical airflow
• Double dewpoint control
• Adjustable temperatures

Lowest variation of product color and core temperature over the belt width by combined horizontal and vertical airflow. The mirror imaged airflow concept provides a uniform airflow over the width. Maximum uptime, even with most difficult applications, due to a continuous belt wash system. Product sticking to the belt is reduced by the lecithin dip and/ or the optional heavy duty belt wash system. A semi-automatic CIP system ensures shorter cleaning procedures and less down time.

• Lowest variation of product color and core temperature
• Uniform airflow
• Maximum uptime
• Short cleaning time
• Less down time

Output quality
Two zones in balance with identical but mirror image airflow ensure good separated cooking conditions to control the cooking process. Humidity is controlled by dewpoint per zone individually, the air circulation can be adjusted to support any cooking process imaginable. The high velocity vertical air flow in the middle of the cooking process provides maximum browning and roasting or at lower levels controls crispiness and quality at minimum yield loss. Independent processes per cooking zone provide the flexibility required but with high consistency. A lecithin dip at infeed provides an anti-sticking layer on the belt to reduce product quality issues and ensures longer production runs.

• Seperated cooking conditions
• Humidity control per zone
• Crispiness
• Browning and roasting
• Consistent production runs

The GEA FlowCook combines vertical and horizontal air flow, ensuring efficient heat transfer with controlled cooking conditions in the oven. Two independent cooking chambers support the need for optimum cooking. The GEA FlowCook provides excellent product quality no matter what, from steamed, coated, marinated and enhanced browned products, roasted bone-in, roasted boneless and formed products. Thanks to the vertical air flow at the right spot of the cooking process , it is possible to roast natural products with no to little color additives and skinless products in the GEA FlowCook.

• Independent cooking chambers
• Excellent product quality
• Steaming - hot air cooking - natural roasting
• Roasting possibility
• Wide range of products

Return on investment

The cooking system in the GEA FlowCook is in balance, a passive exhaust system minimizes losses of heat and steam to exhaust to outside. The combined horizontal and vertical airflow, combined with dewpoint cooking ensures shortest cooking times, higher output and still high yields. An integrated CIP system with recirculation water and chemicals, provides efficient cleaning with little use of energy and consumables. Fully insulated machine with balance between the zones ensures maximum energy efficiency. 

• Unchallenged yield
• High productivity
• Low energy cost
• Balance - energy efficient

The FlowCook has a semi automatic CIP system to assist the cleaning process. The hood is lifted automatically for easy inspection and manual post cleaning. The sloped floor, belt scraper system assist maximum cleaning efficiency and maximum uptime

• Semi-Automatic CIP system 

The return belt works as a scraper system to remove sediment from the cooking area, avoiding caramelizing and a potential fire hazard. The machine is provided with food grade lubricants in the food area and applies to European CE standard a well as ASME or PED pressure regulations.

• Sediment removal
• Food grade lubricant
• CE standard

The important variables in the cooking process can be controlled , such as cook temperature, dewpoint, circulation speed, cook time. Process variables are stored by menu through the GEA process controls.

• Cooking process control through GEA process controls.