A flexible, multipurpose and open access automation framework

GEA Codex® Process Control

GEA Codex® Process Control is an open and flexible framework that incorporates GEA process know-how into templates for market-leading platforms such as Siemens, Rockwell, AVEVA and Ignition.

automation solution for liquid and powder technologies

Today’s customers have many different requirements for their automation software, which needs to accommodate aspects such as company engineering policies, market preferences and/or local availability/support. As a result, GEA has combined its automation and digital expertise with a wealth of process and equipment know-how to develop Codex Process Control.

One of the benefits of Codex is that it’s a modular software solution. As such, regardless of the platform, Codex Process Control focuses on providing consistent functionality and visualization across all your plant operations. 

This innovative solution contains specific modules and libraries that adapt to different operational processes and industries, thereby allowing companies in a variety of sectors to use it as an established standard.

GEA Codex® Process Control allows you to monitor and control all your processes — either batch or continuous, from single machines to large complex process lines — in real-time with a high degree of customization based on customer needs and expectations.

With more than 500 installations completed in the last 5 years, GEA Codex® Process Control has proved that no matter how complex the production process, it’s a reliable solution. This also includes aging or obsolete control systems that can be upgraded to Codex to remain compliant with today’s requirements (such as data management, access, security, maintenance and connectivity).

Empowering operators with an efficient HMI

The design of Codex Process Control is based on the GEA style guide, according to high-performance HMI Philosophy principles, and was developed in conjunction with the Fraunhofer Institute. This enables the operator to focus on the most important information to ensure efficient plant operation.

The ISA 101-compatible HMI provides a number of benefits, including optimized contrast and color to avoid eye strain, and visual effects that are limited to abnormal situations. A hierarchical screen structure and the visualization of automated sequences facilitates normal operation.

Maintenance is supported by activation and runtime counters, lifecycle component histories and complete service information (location, diagrams, etc.) with no additional configuration.

A mature alarm protocol that aligns with ISA 18.2 is included to provide statistics regarding the number and duration of abnormal conditions. Root cause analysis can be used to suppress deducted alarms and an interface is available for external evaluation.

Ensure high levels of quality and confidence

GEA Codex® complies with international standards and includes features to help your company meet regulatory requirements, including

  • plant control that’s compliant with ISA 88
  • electronic signatures for Siemens, Rockwell and Ignition 
  • full logging of operating cycles and, for example, motor use.

A SCADA-based formulation and batch recipe system enables the sequencing of phases that can also be configured to run in parallel. A graphical interface provides the operator with a real-time overview of the process and corresponding reports.

The Scheduler planning tool enables users to timetable production and automatically start processing applications on demand. Select, activate, sequence and review your production in an easy-to-visualize way.

Expand your functionality with Codex MES

GEA Codex® Process Control seamlessly integrates with GEA Codex® MES, a system that allows you to scale your plant and functionalities on demand using a modular approach. Features include flexible scheduling, tracking, performance analysis, resource management and/or integration with other systems.

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