Partner for a secure industrial control system

GEA Codex® Asset Care

Safeguard your industrial control system (ICS) and generate security awareness with GEA Codex® Asset Care.

The convergence of information and operation technology (IT/OT) is creating a new world that is open to myriad opportunities and challenges. As production facilities become more interconnected, they also become more vulnerable to cyberattacks and other risks. In this increasing digitalized environment, a brighter spotlight is now being shone on complex — and potentially susceptible — industrial control systems.

Give your ICS the best protection

Keeping up with digital transformation and safeguarding your system infrastructure is important. GEA can support you with a solution that will provide insights regarding where your industrial control system needs protection and which action points need to be considered. It is framed in the international standard IEC-62443 on the security of Industrial Automation and Control Systems. 

Key benefits:

  • Get automation expertise with audits performed by GEA specialists who are familiar with your control system
  • Improve the security and control of your assets, patches, risk analysis and data integrity
  • Minimize cost-efficiency losses owing to unscheduled plant shutdowns
  • Reduce investment costs and keep your ICS constantly updated
  • Keep secure and up-to-date documentation in a centralized repository

Maximize operational efficiency

This solution applies three functionalities (health monitoring, periodical audits and cloud asset inventory) while inspecting the system. These same functionalities consist of six phases that are repeated on an annual basis to maintain the integrity of your ICS.

automation asset care operational efficiency

What GEA Codex® Asset Care offers

  • Full visibility of OT network levels based on Purdue’s models
  • Disaster recovery plan (and backup) review
  • OT asset vulnerability check 
  • Analysis of possible OT asset threats
  • Vulnerability based risk calculation
  • Mitigation plans, roadmap and costs to address identified risks
  • Executive and technical reports
  • Security awareness for specific roles related to identified risks
  • Awareness training; your people are the first point of defense
  • Specialist advice and consulting. 

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