Climate Transition Plan 2040


Our target by 2040 is clear: GEA will reduce its greenhouse gas emissions along the entire value chain to net zero (Net Zero 2040). This includes not only reducing our own emissions, but also developing sustainable solutions for our customers and creating climate-neutral supply chains. To achieve our climate targets, we have defined a Climate Transition Plan 2040.

Climate transition plan 2040

Climate change requires action

We all have a role to play if we want to change things for the better. GEA can make an important contribution to mitigating climate change with its own product portfolio. Machines, plants and production processes play a key role in decarbonization. Whether the climate crisis can still be overcome depends not least on our ability to develop innovative technologies and solutions.

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Climate Transition Plan 2040

The Climate Transition Plan 2040 is based on the climate strategy published in 2021 and transparently sets out the measures planned to reduce greenhouse gas emissions along the entire value chain to Net Zero by 2040. It defines five key areas of action in which measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions will be implemented. These include:

  • the transformation of our product portfolio, 
  • the transformation of our own operations, 
  • the adjustment of the value and supply chain, 
  • the commitment to social engagement and
  • the fundamental alignment of our corporate culture. 
Stefan Klebert

"At GEA we are committed to climate action and leadership. Every day we are taking concrete steps – applying the power of innovation to enable our customers making progress towards a more sustainable future. Progress requires a plan, of course, and that’s what we want to share with you here: our Climate Transition Plan 2040."

- Stefan Klebert, CEO

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GEAs first solar park

We are implementing a clearly defined package of measures for our production sites and vehicle fleet.

GEA boosts sustainable production

GEA is to use its first consignment of “green stainless steel” in the production of its machinery and equipment.

Add Better consulting

Add Better Consulting

We understand the challenges you face in the process industry, from rising energy costs, tightening regulations, to meeting your own sustainability targets. That is why Add Better Consulting is here.

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