Customized optimization and decarbonization strategies

Add better consulting

Add Better consulting

Keep a robust business while pursuing sustainability goals 

We understand the challenges you face in the process industry, from rising energy costs, tightening regulations, to meeting your own sustainability targets. That is why Add Better Consulting is here.

Add Better Consulting is your partner in driving sustainable progress tailored to your individual needs. With our expertise and your business knowledge, we build a strong partnership to meet tomorrow's expectations– the key lies in the collaboration.

Demands of tomorrow - a dual challenge

On one side, you need to optimize continuously to ensure a resilient business. On the other, the sustainability demands are multiplying fast and becoming more stringent – both externally and internally. Yet with Add Better Consulting, it's not a question of one or the other, but rather a harmonious approach of both.

Reduced costs and higher efficiency

Reduced costs and enhanced efficiency

The holistic optimization and decarbonization approach of Add Better Consulting includes technical feasibility studies to develop concepts and flexible technical solutions that are in line with customers climate targets and legal requirements. 

We design action plans aimed at modernizing production lines to minimize total ownership costs , increase efficiency, cut energy consumption, reuse waste heat streams and to integrate renewable energy sources.

Finding pathways to a Net-Zero future

Finding pathways to a Net Zero future

No matter where you are in your sustainability journey, we support you in developing an ambitious climate strategy tailored to your business. 

Our strategy consultants tackle the challenges of meeting climate targets while optimizing production lines. With our deep industry expertise we guide you towards effective Net Zero pathways. In short: We empower you to strengthen your business AND achieve ambitious sustainability goals.

Less talk, more action: By the numbers 

So, where will Add Better Consulting take you?
Add Better consulting

Let us support you in bringing your climate strategy to life.

The power of the bigger picture

The power of the bigger picture

True efficiency gains often require a holistic review of plant operations, beyond incremental improvements. While some improvement in plant efficiency can be achieved in small, incremental steps, the largest gains come from examining plants holistically, across the entire process chain.

Our expertise spans the entire process chain, enabling us to collaborate closely with you to identify and implement comprehensive enhancements—
ranging from single optimizable process, and machinery upgrades, to switching from fossil fuels to sustainable energy sources. 

Add Better Consulting will empower you with the what and the how regarding improvements – both short-term and long-term. Every step of that journey will transcend into the long-term strategy to reach your sustainability goals.

How do we help you reach zero emissions?

Reducing energy consumption

Fine-tuning process parameters can lead to energy savings of 2-4%. A broader focus on cooling and heating optimizations can achieve up to a 30% reduction.

Enhancing efficiency

Through the adoption of energy-efficient refrigeration and heat pump technologies, leveraging natural refrigerants like ammonia, we can enhance your heating and cooling energy efficiency by up to 40%.

Lowering Total cost of ownership

Our solutions, designed to optimize your cooling and heating processes and integrate utility functions seamlessly into production, can reduce operational costs by up to 30%.

Achieving a Net-Zero Strategy

Our data-driven approach will substantially lower your emissions through the use of renewable energies, production line upgrades, and flexible solutions that cater to your sustainability targets and regulatory requirements.

What comes next

What comes next?

Up next is the next-generation upgrade with GEA NEXUS. This is the implementation phase of your decarbonization strategy, where the optimization is done in desired or required steps.
Isabel Osteroth

“Customers of all sizes choose GEA as their partner because we’re able to think big with them. We’re making it possible for them to deliver on their mission to reduce water and energy consumption and eliminate waste in their plants – even achieve carbon-neutral manufacturing.”

Isabel Osterroth, Senior Director Sustainable Engineering Solutions, Heating and Refrigeration Technologies, GEA

Our customer’s success stories:

Britvic and Innocent have already embraced our strategy, witnessing tangible results.

Action speaks louder than words. Results speak louder than action. GEA has offered consulting and implementation of holistic engineering solutions for years. Read how we helped Britvic cut the factory’s carbon emissions by an estimated 1,200 tons annually, and about innocent who runs a carbon neutral manufacturing site, The Blender, in the Netherlands.

Quand les petits pas résultent en une contribution de géant

Production de jus carbo-neutres

Les spécialistes de GEA accompagnent innocent dans la réalisation de ses rêves les plus ambitieux. L’histoire de la création de « l’usine de la petite marque de boissons préférée de la planète » illustre bien comment seules les solutions qui réduisent les émissions de dioxyde de carbone et traitent les déchets comme une ressource peuvent faire la différence.
Photo 1: At its Beckton site, Britvic produces 2,000 drinks every minute, including many of the UK's most popular beverages such as Robinsons, Tango and Pepsi MAX. GEA is supplying two industrial ammonia heat pumps and a large thermal storage tank. Image: Britvic

GEA heat recovery system helps Britvic reduce its carbon footprint

GEA supplies Britvic, one of UK’s leading soft drinks manufacturers, with a heat recovery system at its Beckton site, in London. The installation begins this summer and will result in cutting the factory’s carbon emissions by an estimated 1,200 tons annually – equivalent to the annual energy usage of around 500 UK homes.
Add Better consulting

Join the ranks of companies making substantial sustainability strides with Add Better Consulting at their side.

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