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Food Preparation Equipment

GEA’s grinding, mixing and bowl cutting machines prepare meat, poultry, fish and meat substitutes for further processing. Efficient treatment of these raw materials optimizes product quality and increases operational efficiency. The result: maximum value from the production line. GEA has broad experience in a wide range of applications. These include: emulsified and fermented sausages, ground meat, and formed products such as burgers and nuggets.

Alternative protein processing vegan burger

Long lasting experience in preparation equipment and food technology

We possess extensive expertise in various food applications, including meat preparation for products like cooked emulsified sausages and fermented sausages, as well as the production of ground meat and formed products such as hamburgers and chicken nuggets.

Our solutions are designed with a focus on food safety, ensuring robust measures throughout the process. We employ efficient particle reduction, mixing, and emulsifying of raw materials to not only enhance product quality but also increase yield and overall value, all while maintaining the highest standards of food safety.  

Whether you require a single machine or an automated preparation line (such as our batch2flow system), GEA offers all the essential components to help you stay at the forefront of the evolving food industry standards, providing the reliability and flexibility needed to adapt to changing market demands.  

We also recognize the trend of the rising demand for meat alternatives and vegetarian foods. GEA prides itself on having a successful record spanning more than 25 years in offering technology solutions for the preparation, forming, coating, cooking, and packaging of meat-analog, meat-alternative, and vegetable-based meal components, suitable for retail, foodservice, as well as the quick-service-restaurant market. We are an experienced, global partner that customers can rely on for food safety and innovation.
Application portfolio for GEA preparation equipment with preparation products/mix for meat, fish, vegetarian & plant-based

Taking you forward

Your business needs are our starting points – from consistency, hygiene and safety to sustainability, variety, and cost of ownership. Our preparation machines deliver high yield, are easy to operate and easy to clean, and have a long operational life. When it comes to cutting, defrosting, mixing, and grinding, we provide the best equipment. 

Solutions du GEA Food Solution Technology Center de Bakel

Centre technologique de Bakel

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Vous voulez apprendre, expérimenter et innover, sans risque de perturber votre production quotidienne ? Notre Food Solutions Technology Center de Bakel, aux Pays-Bas, est l'endroit où aller. Ses portes sont toujours ouvertes, même à distance !

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