Homogenizers Laboratory Homogenizers Table-top

Table-top Homogenizers are compact machines ideal for the treatment of nanoparticles, nanodispersions and nanoemulsions.

Table-top units are suitable for cell disruption but they can also be used successfully for processing milk and dairy products, fruit juices and food in general.

Total scalability of results

These devices offer the possibility of performing tests with small amounts of sample (minimum volume of 100 ml.), with a guarantee of achieving equal quality results compared to those achievable with industrial homogenizers.

The structure of the laboratory homogenizers ensures ease of installation, ease of use and maintenance, thanks mainly to the essentiality of the components.


Table-top Homogenizers

Models Max pressure Flow rate
GEA Lab Homogenizer PandaPLUS 1000 1000 bar 20 l/h
GEA Lab Homogenizer PandaPLUS 2000 2000 bar 9 l/h
GEA Lab Homogenizer TwinPANDA 400 400 bar 55 l/h
GEA Lab Homogenizer TwinPANDA 600 600 bar 30 l/h