Code of conduct for suppliers and subcontractors

Success in business depends on building and maintaining the trust of customers, shareholders, employees, governments and the general public. GEA is committed to treating its stakeholders with trust and fairness. Excellence, passion, integrity, responsibility and GEA-versity (team work across borders, respecting differences) – these are the cornerstones of our philosophy and values we hold high within GEA. We expect our suppliers and subcontractors to share this commitment with us.


Ensuring fair working conditions, environmental protection, human rights, and fighting corruption and financial crimes, calls for clear principles. GEA fully recognizes the guidelines on social responsibility (ISO 26000) and consequently to the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact. GEA aligns all its activities with the principles of social responsibility expressed in the Code of Conduct. GEA also expects its suppliers and subcontractors to recognize the principles and core topics of the ISO 26000 guidelines and to align their actions accordingly. Our decisions are not only based on quality, delivery performance and costs, responsibility and transparency towards our Code of Conduct and values also play a role. The values are key in our procurement processes and must be complied with throughout our entire supply chain.

This also means, for example, that we want to further increase transparency regarding the origin of raw materials and so-called conflict materials so any risks are detected early.

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