GEA Hilge Positive Displacement Pumps

Lobe or screw

Optimum conveying solutions for highly viscous media

Hygienic positive displacement pumps in the GEA Hilge portfolio are specialists for highly viscous media, ensuring optimum product safety, availability and sustainable use of resources through reliable and smooth conveying.

Hygienic design
All product-wetted materials are approved for food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications. Proven cleanability ensures reliable and fast CIP, saving time and resources.

Long-time reliability
The robust design prevents galling and wear and allows high differential pressures. No metal-to-metal contact takes place, which secures smooth transport even for abrasive media.

High versatility
Flexible pump configurations cover all possible customer requirements. For demanding tasks, special pump variants are available. Each pump can also easily be retrofitted to cover a different application.

Lobe or Screw – Up to You!
Rotary lobe or twin screw pump principle: When it comes to highly viscous media, our portfolio of positive displacement pumps offers two outstanding design concepts to fulfill all your wishes.

GEA Hilge Positive Displacement Pumps

GEA Hilge NOVALOBE is an extremely reliable rotary lobe pump series that fulfills highest hygienic requirements, based on the proven GEA design. More information



GEA Hilge NOVATWIN+ is the new flexible twin screw pump series in the highly versatile GEA VARIPUMP line. More Information



GEA Hilge Positive Displacement Pumps

Passionate for viscous!
The hygienic design of all positive displacement pumps from GEA enables their use for a multitude of highly viscous products that must be conveyed smoothly and gently, from butter, smoothies and ketchup to blood products and enzymes.

GEA positive displacement pumps also enable gentle pumping of media containing large and delicate particles such as yoghurt with pieces of fruit or meat salads.

GEA Hilge NOVALOBE chocolate

Global GEA support and service network
GEA Service offers professional support for each GEA Hilge positive displacement pump at your site along the entire product life cycle. We also conduct professional service trainings for your team.


Vorarlberg Milch met l’accent sur la qualité et le régionalisme.

GEA Hilge NOVALOBE in butter production line ensures safe processes and gentle product handling

Customer Story

GEA offers a hygienically safe and easy-to-handle solution with its Hilge NOVALOBE rotary lobe pump. The rotary lobe pumps comply with the relevant international guidelines such as GMP, FDA and QHD, they are EHEDG-certified and implement the general principles of hygienic design.
GEA Hilge NOVATWIN twin screw pumps

Sales start for GEA Hilge NOVATWIN: Complete portfolio for hygienic screw pumps

Trade press release

With its new flexible screw pump, GEA Hilge NOVATWIN, GEA fulfils customer wishes and requirements such as the highest hygienic demands for gentle product handling, long-term reliability, versatile applications and professional support throughout the entire product life cycle, based on more than 150 years of pumping experience.
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