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Planning, building and operating cost-effective heating and refrigeration systems have become extremely complex tasks – especially in the face of stricter climate and environmental laws. The F-gas regulation and other directives currently play an important role. The heating and refrigeration industry is tasked with developing and deploying intelligent, economical concepts and products that use climate-friendly refrigerants. As a platform for information and communications, the Heating & Cooling Club brings the industry together.

What does the Heating & Cooling Club offer you?

Information, talks, networking – attend exciting events with a focus on heating and refrigeration technologies. Take part in exclusive on-site tours of refrigeration systems presented by leading experts and experienced players.

Heating & Cooling Club events offer plenty of opportunities to talk with colleagues, industry specialists, researchers, technical experts and users. A perfect chance to share experiences and make new contacts – networking at its finest!

What is the Heating & Cooling Club?

The Heating & Cooling Club is a series of top-notch professional events launched by GEA as a means of sharing industry information about heating and refrigeration technologies using natural refrigerants. The events take place at different locations or as webinars and participation is free of charge.

Virtual Cooling Club

GEA reciprocating compressors

GEA reciprocating compressors


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Back to the future webinar 2020

Back to the future - Refrigeration technology with natural refrigerants in times of climate change

Virtual Heating Club

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Heat to cool – Decarbonizing beverage processing with heat pumps

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GEA Service Kits for reciprocating compressors

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The cooling club - webinars

Industrial Heat Recovery: decarbonize heating processes and reduce operating costs

District heating HRT industry

Decarbonize district heating with heat pump technology

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