Sustainability can be profitable

Rich rewards from brewery waste.

GEA has developed a comprehensive range of technologies that could help you generate sustainable, and profitable revenue streams from the leftovers of the brewing process, and in doing so support the ultimate goal of fostering a circular industrial economy.

Rich rewards from brewery waste

Brewery byproducts such as spent grain and spent yeast offer eco-friendly, inexpensive starting materials for creating a wide range of higher value end products such as alternative biobased ingredients, industrial polymers, and renewable biofuels. And utilizing these byproducts as raw materials for industrial processes may have wide-reaching environmental benefits above that of just waste reduction, by helping industry reduce reliance on fossil fuels that are used in traditional methods of manufacture, and freeing up agricultural land for food production. So, whether you are a brewery or a manufacturer in a different industrial sector. GEA can configure the right solution to help you valorize these easily accessible raw materials.

Brewery upcycling creates valuable co-products for diverse markets

We are all aware of the urgent need to reduce reliance on and use of fossil fuels, and cut waste and carbon emissions. All sectors of industry and manufacturing are tasked with improving their environmental footprint by reducing energy and resource use, recycling and repurposing, and maximizing value from raw materials and consumables. Breweries are no exception. 

Historically, the spent grains and spent yeast from brewing have been used either as an addition to animal feeds or sometimes have simply ended up in landfill. But today, GEA knowhow and engineering could make it possible to capitalize on the leftovers of brewery processes. 

Rethink: How can GEA help you to valorize brewery sidestreams?

Brewery spent grain (BSG) and brewery spent yeast (BSY) can be used to create food ingredients and nutritional supplements, biotechnology compounds, industrial chemicals and pharmaceutical components. There’s a wealth of opportunities to generate new revenue streams, as well as help to reduce waste and carbon footprint, and support a greener roadmap for the future of manufacturing. Talk to us to find out how our process technologies could open up new opportunities to innovate and create a diverse range of co-products from brewery waste that is available all year round.

Combining expertise

GEA offers a comprehensive portfolio of reliable, flexible technologies, build on decades of in-depth process expertise. We can combine our knowhow with that of our customers, to configure equipment and process lines that can help manufacturers in different industries maximize the value of a brewery output. And at our GEA New Food Application and Technology Center of Excellence (ATC), we’ll work with you to trial and configure GEA equipment and complete lines for BSG and BSY processing, from extraction and heat treatment, to fermentation, homogenization, separation and filtration.


How GEA can help processors in multiple industries

End to end processing

Our technologies span raw materials reception and stabilization, through purification, processing and heat treatment, to drying, filling and packaging. We think the combination of GEA engineering, industry and process expertise gives us potentially unmatched insight into every aspect of processing and production, in multiple sectors. We’ve worked closely with customers in industries as diverse as food and pharma, agbio and biofuels, biobased chemicals, pharma, and biotech.
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