GEA Cloud monitoring – unlimited possibilities

Automation & controls separation - cloud

Cloud services provide us access to data from wherever we are, at any time. The results are higher flexibility, more freedom, faster response times and easier collaboration, all huge benefits for modern industrial production. With Automation & Control systems for centrifuges and process lines from GEA you have access to all those benefits also for your production processes.

GEA IO Decanters and Separators

GEA IO is online

Our standard control panel GEA IO provides you online with your complete machine data. Cloud server solutions by GEA show your machine status, process data, trends, alarms - whether it is an upgrade for an existing machine – installed in an instant - or a brand-new installation. With standardized or customized dashboards, you are always aware of all real-time as well as trending and historical stored machine data. By predefined push notifications you are always fully informed.

Generate your added value

Generate your added value

We offer you a 360-degree view of your centrifugal process stage, captured in real-time and long-time stored. GEA cloud solutions are your platform for further processing.

Is the machine running properly? Are the production parameters o.k? How are the current parameters compared to historical ones? Monitor and optimize your machine and continually improve your product quality.

Use your GEA cloud for detailed batch-oriented analysis or compare the performance of different process lines, even across locations. Internal quality audits can be done faster and easier to reveal potential for improvement.

System reliability is our priority

GEA is running high professional database solutions, with high and global availability and high network performance at high speed server farms. User authorization, certified IT-safety and compliance with common cyber safety standards (ISO 27001, IEC 62443 et al.) ensure protection of your data against unauthorized access.

Benefit from GEA`s expertise and avoid high pre-investments for own solutions. Due to our browser-based technology there are not even any installation or upgrade files necessary on your IT terminal devices.

Our individual solution contains flexible server capacities on demand, always scalable to your needs. This implies maximum cost transparency. In contrast to own solutions, you are neither limited by insufficient server capacities nor burdened by investments into capacities. Just get and pay for what you need.