Module Type Package (MTP) – The future “language” of modern production

Automation & controls separation - MTP

Digitalization influences our daily life, the need to collect and manage big data, minimum time-to-market and flexibility in production are core drivers in faster than ever moving industrial markets. Modularization of process lines is the key concept here.

Centrifuge automation screens

MTP - a way to digitalization

Modular and highly flexible production requires modular automation. This is where MTP (Module Type Package) comes into play. GEA produces modular products already for many years because centrifuges and skids are integrated into the overall SCADA automation system of the entire facility. If both, the centrifuge and the automation system were talking the same 'language,' the integration of the centrifuge into your production will be as easy and fast as connecting a printer to your PC with a pre-configured driver that connects both devices automatically.

That`s why GEA is at the very front working together with international committees as NAMUR, ZVEI and VDMA to develop MTP from scratch.

Testing bench

GEA separators and decanters ‘speak’ MTP

Today`s standard for the integration of machines into the on-site SCADA system is to burden the customer with a long data exchange list and hardware contact descriptions. The MTP interface is designed to provide all necessary information for module properties, status descriptions, stylesheet illustrations on the control panel, diagnostic tools and alarm handling. Instead of creating an incredibly complex web of digital connections by various modules and systems at the SCADA system, MTP improves the interoperability and standardization of automation systems, independent of manufacturer and technology. Thus, it minimizes the need for a system integrator and results in a substantial reduction in time and costs spent on engineering and commissioning.

These advantages convinced us to develop and to be an early adopter of MTP and that`s why GEA already provides centrifuges which do ‘speak’ MTP, containing all necessary information for easy implementation in your production lines.

Plug & brew

A new world of flexibility

Integration of modules via MTP means that processes can be changed with little effort, modules can be added or removed and production quantities can be adapted very efficiently so that you can react to changing market demands at very short notice.

Thus, you can benefit from MTP:

  • Minimum time-to-market
  • Maximum flexibility in production
  • Standardized platform for digital data management