Engineering for a better world

"Sustainability is a key element in our Mission 26 corporate strategy. That makes it fundamental to all decisions we make as a company."
Dr. Nadine Sterley Chief Sustainability Officer

Our ambition & sustainability targets

We engineer sustainable solutions for a better world and to support the sustainability goals of our customers. And we promote the highest environmental and social standards at our own sites and in procurement. We aim to become the most attractive employer in the engineering industry with greater diversity, equal opportunity and integration, and by offering long-term career development prospects. To make these ambitions concrete, we have defined measurable ESG targets as part of GEA’s Mission 26 Strategy.

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  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions scope 3 by 18% by 2030
  • 100% of solutions will be offered with zero freshwater-use by 2030 
  • 100% of packaging-related solutions use sustainable packaging materials by 2030
  • 100% of service parts and machinery packaging material to fulfill one of the five R’s of circular economy (Reduce; Re-use; Repair; Remanufacture; Recycle) by 2026 

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Responsible operations
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions scope 1 & 2 by 60% by 2030
  • 50% of total energy demand is covered by certified energy management system by 2026
  • All sites in water-stressed areas that implemented a water strategy by 2026
  • >95% of waste recovery rate at production sites by 2026
  • 100% of preferred suppliers fulfill GEA’s sustainability criteria by 2026
  • 100,000 people reached through skill-based volunteering in 2026
  • Donation of 1% of net profit per year

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Employer of choice
  • 80% favorable rating on the question: “Would you recommend GEA as a good place to work?” in internal employee engagement survey by 2026
  • 21% female representation in management levels L1 – L3 by 2026
  • 80% of open positions filled by own talent across management levels L1 – L7 by 2026
  • Building a diverse talent pool to further strengthen diversity on all management levels by 2026

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Sustainability Report 2022

GEA informs its investors, customers, employees as well as non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and all other stakeholders on the implementation of sustainability in the company’s strategy regarding ecology and social responsibility in its latest sustainability report.


GEA aims to provide its customers with sustainable value creation and future-proof ideas for continued success. Be it through our technologies for water treatment, safe food and pharmaceuticals, or a host of other efficient products and process technologies. We call this “Engineering for a better world.” And this is what motivates us every day.

Our performance

GEA strives to provide more detail in its reporting, in line with the Global Reporting Initiative. This year, GEA published its second  stand-alone sustainability report. Feedback from stakeholders and recognition for our work encourage us to continue improving our reporting.

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1. GEA holds two CDP leadership rankings for performance and reporting transparency: an ‘A’ for tackling climate change and an ‘A-’ for acting to protect water security. 

2. In 2021, GEA Group Aktiengesellschaft received a rating of AA (on a scale of AAA-CCC) in the MSCI ESG Ratings assessment. The use by GEA of any MSCI ESG Research LLC or its affiliates (“MSCI”) data, and the use of MSCI logos, trademarks, service marks or index names herein, do not constitute a sponsorship, endorsement, recommendation, or promotion of GEA by MSCI. MSCI services and data are the property of MSCI or its information providers, and are provided ‘as-is’ and without warranty. MSCI names and logos are trademarks or service marks of MSCI.

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