"Sustainability is an integral part of GEA's corporate culture and a core element in ensuring the group's future competitiveness."

Dr. Nadine Sterley

Chief Sustainability Officer

Add better

Add Better

The Add Better label promotes GEA sustainable solutions that are significantly more resource-efficient than their predecessors.

Add Better consulting

Add Better Consulting

We understand the challenges you face in the process industry, from rising energy costs, tightening regulations, to meeting your own sustainability targets. That is why Add Better Consulting is here.

Climate transition plan 2040

Climate Transition Plan 2040

Our target by 2040 is clear: GEA will reduce its greenhouse gas emissions along the entire value chain to net zero (Net Zero 2040).

Interview with Dr. Nadine Sterley, Chief Sustainability Officer

Interview with Dr. Nadine Sterley

We are working intensely on this and have devised a broad-based Climate Transition Plan 2040.

Cover story Responsible Operations: GEAs first PV park

GEA's first solar park

GEA’s Climate Transition Plan aims to reduce the company’s greenhouse gas emissions to Net Zero at every link in the value chain by 2040.

New Foos

New Food

Alternative proteins have the potential to create a more sustainable world and are a growing sector. At GEA, we call this offering "New Food".

Our ambition & sustainability targets

We engineer sustainable solutions for a better world and to support the sustainability goals of our customers. And we promote the highest environmental and social standards at our own sites and in procurement. We aim to become the most attractive employer in the engineering industry with greater diversity, equal opportunity and integration, and by offering long-term career development prospects. 

NET ZERO by 2040
Sustainability report


Sustainability Report 2023

GEA informs its investors, customers, employees as well as non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and all other stakeholders on the implementation of sustainability in the company’s strategy regarding ecology and social responsibility in its latest sustainability report.

Our performance

Sustainability is crucial for GEA. Our product solutions meet high standards when it comes to environmental protection and the preservation of resources. We operate transparently and regularly have our sustainability performance assesed by rating agencies. GEA has received top ratings and rankings from: EcoVadis, CDP, Sustainalytics and MSCI.

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