FIC® and CARINE™ Extractors

Coffee beans are an expensive commodity, so getting the most out of your extraction process is critical.

Extractor FIC

Every day, all over the world, GEA's comprehensive portfolio of expertise and technology optimize every stage of coffee processing and ensure customers receive a superior product.

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Offering two versatile extraction technologies with a variety of benefits and advantages, GEA can help you to select the most appropriate solution for your application. 

The FIC® extractor provides a fast, turbulent water flow around the coffee particles to enhance the extraction rate at the desired temperature. 

The CARINE® extractor, employing prolonged extraction times and higher extraction temperatures, has been developed for customers wishing to obtain the highest possible yields.

Eliminating the need for manual operation, the compact and fully automated extractors ensure precision processing that meets the world’s highest standards. With an integrated PC/PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) system, the FIC® and CARINE® offer easy operation and uniform extract quality. 

Furthermore, every FIC® and CARINE® component is designed to the highest manufacturing standards for efficient, long-lasting performance.

Having designed and built more than 200 instant coffee plants around the world, GEA is at the forefront of coffee processing technology — and good taste.

Fast Extraction, High Quality: FIC®


The extremely efficient FIC® delivers a high yield (up to 53%) with better quality attributes than other equipment. In addition, the FIC® performs 50% faster than conventional manual extraction methods.

The fully automated, continuous FIC® extraction system comprises eight percolator vessels that operate in a flowing battery design. What’s more, this highly flexible system can perform in a variety of different modes for a wide range of coffee types.

Operators can choose between one, two or all three modes of operation — and easily change from one mode to another — to create a finished product that meets the specific requirements of your market and application.

Considering the best finished product starts with the best extraction — and the best extraction is closely tied to extraction time — the FIC® ensures you’re always up to speed. The FIC® can do it all.

Key Points

  • Three modes of operation
  • Process capacities of 125–1500 kg/h
  • Full- and pilot-scale plant available
  • Fast extraction
  • High quality

Flexibility, High Yield: CARINE™

Coffee cup

Compared with the FIC®, the CARINE™ extraction plant is equipped with 10 percolator columns. The two additional columns operate at a higher temperature, 185–195 °C, resulting in the highest possible yields of approximately 60%.


After the high temperature treatment, the extract is cooled to approximately 160 °C to avoid the formation of off-notes. Following the extraction (hydrolysis) process, the extract is harvested at a temperature of 140 °C before cooling, and the freshly roasted coffee is separated at moderate temperatures of approximately 130 °C to obtain a high-quality aroma extract.

If required, the CARINE™ can also operate in FIC® mode to obtain a higher quality end product. As such, users have the option of maximizing yield or maximizing quality in FIC® mode, depending on the requirement and application. For ultimate flexibility, the CARINE™ is the plant of choice.

Key Points

  • High yields
  • Extremely versatile
  • Can also operate in FIC® mode
  • High temperature operation
  • High quality

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