ConsiGma™ ConsiGma™ Continuous Tablet Coater

After compression, many tablet formulations need a coating to achieve the final product characteristics desired. To complete the ConsiGma™ tableting lines, GEA has developed a coater in line with its continuous manufacturing concept.

The ConsiGma™ coater is a high speed drum coater, sized and designed to be part of our integrated tableting solution. It can apply decorative and functional coatings using both aqueous and solvent based coating suspensions. The number of drums can be adapted to meet the actual throughput of the line (kg/h). It can also be executed with features which enable wash-off-line (WOL) for extremely fast change-over.


The ConsiGma™ coater is a revolutionary, new, high performance tablet coating technology that accurately deposits controlled amounts of coating materials on tablets – even if they are hygroscopic or friable. Designed specifically to be an integral part of the ConsiGma™ continuous high shear granulation, tableting and drying system, this groundbreaking machine is able to coat small quantities of tablets at very high rates, offering improved heat and mass transfer and using much less coating material than traditional technologies. 

Presenting a paradigm shift in tablet coating, this new type of coater subjects tablets to a cascading tablet movement that enables greater fluid application rates (higher coating build rates) than traditional coating pans. In addition, it is PAT compatible, efficient – warm up and drying times are faster than conventional coaters – and reliable, delivering a consistent, homogenous and even tablet weight gain and coating distribution. And, because the coater operates at higher speeds and temperatures than other products on the market, higher spray rates and improved tablet mixing can be achieved, expanding its application potential to polymer coatings and beyond what is currently possible. It can even be used to dedust tablet cores prior to coating. 

With more tablet movement within the coating barrel, the revolutionary design and the application of enhanced process conditions, the small-volume ConsiGma™ coater concentrates the tablet coating process, enabling faster throughput, time and cost savings, increased efficiency and a higher quality finished product, all of which are fundamental aspects of the drive towards continuous processing. 


Key characteristics

  • Plug flow / first-in-first-out principle: The same Consigma™ plug flow philosophy is implemented for the coating process . This allows for a comprehensive and reliable tracing of the product throughout the process.
  • Short process times of a few minutes. The complete coating cycle requires nominally 6-8 minutes for a 3kg tablet loading.
  • No scale-up. Same coating wheel is used in R&D and production
  • Gentle process. The combination of processing small quantities of tablets and the short process times makes the equipment suitable for coating very soft tablets.