Clarifying Decanters for food ingredients

For food ingredients and protein recovery GEA offers clarifying decanters for applications like the recovery of soy, rice, pea and many other vegetable proteins, for the concentration of algae or amino acids like lysine.

In the field of protein recovery, the decanters are used for extracting, concentrating, recovering and washing the protein. In algae processing our decanters concentrate and dewater biomass.

Features & Benefits

  • High differential speed range without pulley change for maximum process flexibility
  • Full torque at all times, thus full performance at all times
  • External gears: segregation of process and drive room
  • Separate lubrication of gear and main bearings avoids cross contamination and thus possible damages
  • GEA summationdrive with optimized power flow
  • Patented adjusting weir – GEA varipond®: The pond depth can be adjusted while the machine is running in order to improve separating efficiency automatically
  • Optimum pond depth for optimum dewatering and low energy consumption
  • Paring disk: Hydrohermetic operation to avoid protein losses and energy saving due to small diameter
  • Hygienic design to meet all food requirements

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