Reliable Up-Scaling

Clarifiers for Pilot Scale/ Lab Scale

GEA clarifiers for pilot scales are the reliable solution to set up new processes. They offer two key advantages: maximum scale-up reliability with minimal installation work input as well as optimum process safety for every process with only low capital expenditure. Fully equipped with the renowned GEA technology features, they are the best technical and economic solution to start a new process.

This clarifier has been designed for applications on a pilot respectively small production scale for batches between 15 to 300 litres.

GEA supports new developments in the pharmaceutical branch from the outset through continuous cooperation with universities, research institutes and industry. In this way, a rapid and individual response to current customer needs is assured at all times. With stand-alone machines or package units designed for pilot scales which guarantee a high yield of valuable substances and which operate trouble-free, efficiently, reliably and economically throughout a long service life, GEA supports the industry to set up new processes.

GEA clarifiers for pilot plans are available with hydrohermetic inlet for a gentle product feed and subsequently a high degree of vitality and protein activity. 

Chemical CIP cleaning (CIP = cleaning-in-place) is available. It cleans process lines without the need to dismantle or open individual machines. The machines may undergo GMP pre-qualifications at our pharmaceutical test facility as an extra.

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