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Inhalable fine powders

GEA supplies highly specialized solutions for manufacturing inhalable drugs ranging from dry powder blending, spray drying to particle engineering capabilities.

Inhalable Fine Powder Processing for Pharmaceutical Drug Dosage Forms

Inhalables and aerosols, no matter whether they are in liquid or solid form, must be delivered to the oral cavity or the greater respiratory system. 

Inhalation is often the preferred drug delivery method for lung diseases, offering a number of advantages for both patients and medical professionals for the administration of vaccines and other biological drugs. Producing powders for inhalation is relatively straightforward on a small scale; but, it can be hard to replicate at a commercial level. 

To facilitate the process, GEA has developed a highly specialized spray drying system that offers large-scale particle engineering capabilities. This makes it possible to accurately manipulate the aerodynamic size and flow properties of particles to produce fine, free-flowing powders for applications such as commercializing biological compounds including hormones, peptides and proteins that risk degradation if ingested. 

When it comes to mixing and blending very fine powders, homogeneity and stability are key factors during the production of inhalable drugs. As such, GEA also offers production-scale mixing and blending solutions to produce inhalable products (dry powders and suspensions). 

The TRV high-speed blender, a standalone PharmaConnect® module, is particularly suitable for the rapid batch blending of small quantities of APIs with base excipients. By combining the high surface area of the main impeller blade with the directional effects of the feeder blade, rapid, homogenous and stable blends can be produced in a reproducible manner.

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