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Our business model has evolved significantly since our founding in 1881 as a metals trading company. Today, our five business divisions are supported by more than 18,000 dedicated employees located in 62 countries. GEA customers benefit from our global reach, extensive local presence, and from the depth and breadth of our processing knowledge and portfolio, underpinned by a strong sense of purpose and responsibility.

About Us

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We combine a rich heritage with a strong passion for engineering innovation and commitment to sustainable business practices. This concise overview is the ideal entry point to learn more about the exciting world of GEA.

About Us

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At GEA, the foundation of our company and activities worldwide are summed up by our corporate purpose: Engineering for a better world. Find out what that means at GEA – and more – in our compact company brochure.

At a glance

Order intake

Order intake

EUR million
Previous year: EUR 5,222 million


EUR million
Previous year: EUR 4,703 million
Operating EBITDA

EBITDA before restructuring measures

EUR million
Previous year: EUR 625 million
Operating EBITDA margin

EBITDA margin before restructuring measures

percent of revenue
Previous year: 13.3 percent
Dividend proposal

Dividend proposal

EUR per share
Previous year: EUR 0.90


Full-time equivalents
Previous year: 18,143

GEA – closer than you think

We support customers across diverse industries with solutions that improve production processes and ultimately the quality of life for people around the world. From breakfast to bedtime, GEA engineering is likely part of your own day-to-day life.



Approx. every third chicken nugget is produced using GEA technology



Approx. every third process line for instant coffee was installed by GEA


Dairy farming & processing

Roughly one quarter of processed milk comes from GEA production systems



Approx. every second liter of beer is brewed with the aid of systems and process solutions from GEA

Blood plasma

Pharma & healthcare

Roughly every fourth liter of human blood for making plasma-derived products is processed using GEA equipment



More than one third of all polymer producers are using GEA drying technology



Approx. two million tons of pollutants are averted annually thanks to GEA emission control plants

Refrigeration technology

Heating & refrigeration

Each industry we serve utilizes industrial refrigeration technology from GEA

Ship container


Roughly every second container ship in the world sails with GEA marine equipment on board

Oil & Gas and Energy

Oil, gas & energy

Our technology solutions ensure a more sustainable production by minimizing waste streams, extending the life cycle of fluids and maximizing energy efficiency

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