GEA VARIVENT® – The Benchmark

The VARIVENT® system is the first – and, to date, the only – valve module to feature a flexible design. Its modular concept offers numerous advantages, such as the standardized forms and connections across all valve types, thereby ensuring that all components can be removed, replaced, combined and expanded without any issues. The result? Cost-efficient system operation, optimized warehousing, economical spare parts and low parts diversity.

Existing valve systems in process plants can be modified or adjusted without the need to alter the overall system concept. The VARIVENT® system remains the benchmark others seek to emulate.


GEA VARIVENT® Valve unit

The GEA VARIVENT® modular valve system

1. Control and feedback system
Each control top enables intelligent valve control for easy commissioning and increased safety in the process sequence. Detectable valve positions make a decisive contribution to optimal system operation. All common connection types and control systems are available for technical communication in the plant.

2. Actuator
A process-specific selection of the actuator size according to the installation situation results in low air and energy consumption. Depending on the tasks of the valve, various actuator options are available and can be adapted optimally to customer requirements. All actuators can be used in Ex zones as standard, although the Ex-conformity of the electrical add-on components must be taken into account. Furthermore, the actuator contains an integrated interface for mounting a control and feedback system. The internal air supply reduces the risk of failure with external hoses.

3. Lifting actuator
Mixproof valves are optionally equipped with a lifting actuator, which enables individual lifting of a single valve disc when cleaning the respective pipe. This allows cleaning of the sealing surfaces in the seat area.

The GEA VARIVENT® modular valve system

4. Lantern
The open lantern separates the actuator and product parts from one another. It permits visual inspection of the stem seal, and is also used for indicating any leakages. Furthermore, heat transfer from the valve housing to the actuator is prevented. In the VARIVENT® valve series, it is possible to integrate additional valve options, for example a limit stop or support of up to two proximity switches.

5. Valve disc
The VARIVENT® system offers an extensive number of different valve types for particular applications in process systems. These are mainly characterized by the different configurations of the valve disc. This concerns in different ways the double disc (upper disc) and the valve disc (lower disc).

6. Valve housing
The height of the dead-zone-free housing exactly corresponds to the diameter of the connection pipeline. This avoids domes and sumps with their negative effects such as oxidization damage or cleaning problems. The special ball shape of the housing offers the best flow profiles without flow separation. Optionally, numerous housing combinations are available with either clamped or welded seats.

La seguridad es una oportunidad

Next Level Safety

The new GEA VARIVENT® Mixproof valve type MX offers innovative technologies as essential elements of future-oriented safety concepts.
Reducing food waste and wastewater


As the world is changing, resources for food production are becoming scarcer and more expensive – from raw plant crops und quality animal products to energy and labor. This has driven global efforts to reduce food waste. Freshwater needs special protection as a valuable and limited resource, as evidenced by droughts and controversies over water rights. Pigging of product pipelines, a proven method in liquid processing, minimizes product loss and saves water during pipe cleaning, allowing manufacturers to produce more sustainably.
Tecnología de válvulas higiénicas para la producción segura, flexible y económica de bebidas de origen vegetal

Safe, flexible and economical production of plant-based beverages

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State-of-the-art valve technology is the key to ensuring fast system implementation, flexible process design and hygienically safe beverage products.
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