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The benchmark for hygienic valve technology

Ninety years ago today, Otto Tuchenhagen founded a small engineering business to solve the dairy industry's backlog and hygiene issues. His work was a wake-up call to the industry and greatly helped put an end to the hygiene debacle. Ever since, innovations from GEA Tuchenhagen have shaped hygienic liquid processing across countless industries. In 1967, Otto Tuchenhagen invented the first double-seated valve. A world novelty, the mixproof double-seat valve became the company’s technical business card around the globe and continues to shape the hygienically safe processing of liquids - from milk to ketchup. In 1975, the scope of the mixproof valve was extended and the VARIVENT® valve family came onto the market which was the first hygienic valve line to consist of both mixproof and single seat valves. And from the 1970s onward, the name VARIVENT soon became a byword for modern hygienic valve technology globally. It is to this day considered a technologic benchmark for quality and safety.

Wherever liquid processing operations require sustainable product and process security, GEA VARIVENT® is the first choice for any system operator or planner. Its uncompromisingly hygienic and uniquely adaptable valve technology allows you to create future-proof system and process solutions for the most challenging production tasks. GEA VARIVENT® valve units are successfully applied in numerous process applications, from breweries and dairy factories to pharma manufacturers.

Safely to safe products – thanks to GEA technology

As a system operator, going with GEA VARIVENT® means you benefit from the international project developments and pioneering innovations we continuously integrate into our valve designs, thereby ensuring your system operates as reliably and economically as possible.

When planning a new system or expanding an existing one, GEA VARIVENT® is the perfect solution for every application: with more than a million possible combinations, each valve unit can be precisely configured to deliver the best possible performance.


The GEA VARIVENT® Valve Unit

The GEA VARIVENT® Valve Unit

When outstanding valve technology leaves nothing to be desired, pioneering valve control and system communication options are offered as a matter of course. All GEA VARIVENT® valve units are now fitted with the latest generation of GEA control tops to facilitate convenient valve operation and control. Moreover, the units can be integrated into state-of-the-art, ultra-flexible Industry 4.0 operation and automation concepts.

All mechanical and digital components combine to form a perfectly coordinated valve unit that enhances the functionality and safety of the valve application and also proves more cost-effective in operation. The unit’s process capabilities exceed what was previously possible – and, thanks to its digital technology, commissioning the unit at the insertion point is almost effortless.

Made in Germany, renowned worldwide

GEA Buechen
GEA VARIVENT® - Production

When Otto Tuchenhagen invented the mixproof valve in Büchen in 1967, he set in motion what would soon become a global triumph, as the modular VARIVENT® valve series spread around the globe. To this day, we develop and manufacture every GEA VARIVENT® valve unit at our GEA factory in Büchen.

When it comes to operating and maintaining your GEA VARIVENT® valve units, GEA Service provides professional worldwide support throughout the units’ life cycle. Contact GEA Service

Whatever your goals, both today and in the future – GEA VARIVENT® delivers on our aspiration as the benchmark for hygienic valve technology.

La seguridad es una oportunidad

Next Level Safety

The new GEA VARIVENT® Mixproof valve type MX offers innovative technologies as essential elements of future-oriented safety concepts.
Reducing food waste and wastewater


As the world is changing, resources for food production are becoming scarcer and more expensive – from raw plant crops und quality animal products to energy and labor. This has driven global efforts to reduce food waste. Freshwater needs special protection as a valuable and limited resource, as evidenced by droughts and controversies over water rights. Pigging of product pipelines, a proven method in liquid processing, minimizes product loss and saves water during pipe cleaning, allowing manufacturers to produce more sustainably.
Tecnología de válvulas higiénicas para la producción segura, flexible y económica de bebidas de origen vegetal

Safe, flexible and economical production of plant-based beverages

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State-of-the-art valve technology is the key to ensuring fast system implementation, flexible process design and hygienically safe beverage products.
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