Dosing & Feeding Vibration Feeder

GEA vibration feeders are designed for use in numerous areas of especially the food, feed, chemical-technical and pharmaceutical industries.


Vibrating feeders are manufactured in spiral, circular and rectangular shapes to suit your clients operations. They can deliver the objects one by one in a single row at the edge of the transport line for pharmaceutical purposes, as well as sorting, alignment and feeding of uniform small objects, machinery elements or other mass-produced elements, possibly in connection with processing or assembly, to storage or immediate use.

Additional usages of GEA vibrating feeders are flow extraction from silo, flow regulation for weighing equipment and flow feeding for/in process lines.


  • The feeder consists of a bowl with a spirally coiled transport line and individually constructed sorting devices, an electromagnetic vibration unit mounted with vibration dampers
  • Bowl diameters from 160 mm to 1200 mm
  • Bowl manufactured in S.S. AISI 304 or 316 or in Fe 360
  • The design and dimensions are tailored to your specific job
  • Noise reducing cover or lining on request
  • Designed for continuous operation - no regular inspection or lubrication is necessary = negligible maintenance


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GEA Circular Distribution Feeder (CDF) for use in multiple industries.

GEA Circular Distribution Feeder is designed for a vast range of products. It has multiple outlets which can be opened and closed independently.

GEA Circular Distribution Feeder (CDF)  for use in multiple industries

Compact feeder for small and large capacities

The feeder is designed for use with a vast range of products and industries. Products like pellets, frozen mozzarella, cornflakes, tablets or granulates are transported by vibration to the outlets. The number of outlets as well as the amount of product to be dosed can be customized.

Product damage and loss are reduced due to the special interaction of oscillation and frequency of vibration which makes gentle handling possible even for sensitive and fragile products.

GEA Circular Distribution Feeder is designed according to the latest EHEDG guidelines and can be delivered according to USDA-3A or NZFSA.

GEA Circular Distribution Feeder animation


•    Due to its special design no product is left in the unit after production stop.You save valuable time between production runs since no products will be mixed.

•    Motors bearings have an estimated life time of 20.000 hours. These long intervals between maintenance reduces operating costs during extended production cycles especially when continuous operation is required.
•    GEA CDF is easy to clean and keep clean. This ensures a sanitary production and more operational time.



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