Vertical Dewaterer

Reliable and efficient, the Vertical Dewaterer combined with the XPress, is what you need to process a high volume of manure.

Key Features

  • The solid output level resulting from the Vertical Dewaterer is approximately 17% to 18% dry matter.
  • Stainless steel screen.
  • Reversible auger allowing for to double its lifespan.
  • The back side of the screen is readily accessible for cleaning without having to dismantle the Vertical Dewaterer.
  • 3 HP motor (2,2 kW).

Functional Description

Vertical Dewaterer

The Vertical Dewaterer consist of a vertical cylindrical screen in which a auger raises manure material to the top discharge while the liquid flows by gravity through the screen openings. There is no contact between the auger and the screen and no pressure is applied. The Vertical Dewaterer processes high volumes of liquid dairy manure coming from either scraped manure systems or after a digester. It is used as a dewatering treatment prior to feed an XPress for bedding or compost applications. It is designed to work in conjunction with a Liquid Level Regulator Tank. The Liquid Level Regulator Tank is installed between the manure pump and the Vertical Dewaterer for these purposes:

  • Holds in incoming manure and evenly gravity feed the Vertical Dewaterer with a constant flow rate with its 6" (152 mm) discharges.
  • Regulates the Vertical Dewaterer process speed by adjusting the liquid level switches inside the Liquid Level regulator Tank.
  • Returns the excess of incoming manure back into the reception pit by means of an overflow discharge.
  • Prevents the large and/or heavy foreign objects from reaching the Vertical Dewaterer.
  • The level switches inside the Liquid Level Regulator Tank send signals to activate or to stop the Vertical Dewaterer and XPress as manure moves from the high level to the low level switches. When manure reaches the high-high level switch the manure pump feeding the system is stopped.
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