Aseptic liquid products perfectly dosed in very small quantities.

The aseptic dosing station VARI-DOS-ASEPT provides a safe and reliable way to dose small quantities of up to 0.2 – 3 g/kg of aseptic liquid products directly into the main aseptic product flow. Aseptic dosing helps to achieve best product quality at competitive costs.

Automatic sterilization

The product to be dosed is provided in aseptic containers similar to those used in the pharmaceutical industry. The container consists of a pharmaceutical bag and a hose that is firmly connected to the bag. A dosing needle is fitted to the tip of the hose. Bag, hose and needle have been previously sterilized. The empty hose is connected to the aseptic filling line upstream of the aseptic filler via the needle and a special aseptic multi-function port valve. Two port valves are provided so that production can run continuously.

The aseptic port valve allows automatic sterilization of all parts in contact with product at a temperature of more than 125 °C. The port valve is switched to the sterilization position by compressed air and is then sterilized by steam passing through them. The needle remains in the sterilization position, and the front third of the needle is also sterilized. Filtered, and thus sterile, compressed air automatically cools down the port valve to less than 50 °C after sterilization. 

The dosing station has a filling capacity of 6 – 12m3/h and can be equipped with bag sizes of 5 and 10 kg. 



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