Vacuum Technology

Combined Steam Jet and LRVP Systems

Combined steam jet and LRVP ( liquid ring vacuum pump) systems, often called hybrid systems, are based on proven jet pump technology and often used to create and maintain the vacuum.

Combined steam jet lrpv systems

Our steam jet systems are reliable and require low maintenance.


Jet vacuum pumps are used to create and maintain the vacuum in evaporators, driers, in distillation and rectification plants, and in the processes of freeze drying, poly-condensation, degassing and deodorizing.

These sorts of equipment consist fundamentally of jet pumps and condensers or of a combination with other vacuum pumps such as, e.g. liquid ring vacuum pumps.

Mode of operation


Generally, multi-stage vacuum pumps are used for suction pressures under 100 mbar. For the most effective use of energy, the motive medium and the condensable compounds are condensed between two stages.

The condensation pressure depends on the temperature of the cooling medium and characteristics of the motive medium. If you use water vapor as motive medium and if you have cooling water of 25 °C available, this pressure will be around 60 mbar.

Surface condensers are usually preferred as inter condensers to avoid any possible contamination of the cooling water with the suction medium.


  • Simple construction
  • Operationally safe
  • Low wear and tear and minimum maintenance
  • Resistant to corrosion if appropriate material is chosen
  • Supplied in all materials used in the equipment
  • Can be used for suction flows of 10 m3/h to 2,000,000 m3/h
  • Suitable for vacuum up to 0.01 mbar (abs.)
  • Driven by water vapor or other vapor; with vapor pressure above atm. and below atm.
  • Can be combined with mechanical vacuum pumps

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