Vacuum Pumps for Milking Systems

A low and stable vacuum at the proper level to the teat is very important! GEA advanced technology is designed for animal-friendly milking with high milking yield.

No matter which type of pump you will choose: all vacuum systems are designed for a higher performance. Our low-vacuum philosophy provides healthy udders and increases the medium-term performance.

RPS Vacuum Pump

Maximum performance for every producer.

RPA Vacuum Pump

AquaSilent vacuum pumps do not harm environment and ears.

RPL Vacuum Pump

High-tech lobe pumps that clean themselves.
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Maximum performance for every producer

You can count on our top quality as many dairy producers all over the world: The RPS series offers quality pumps for every herd size with the latest developments in technology based on many years of experience in the production of reliable vacuum technology.

Your benefits at a glance

  • High capacity reserves and tried and tested technology
  • High quality standard - all pumps are produced according to DIN ISO 9001
  • Long service life - always lubrication with fresh oil
  • Low operating costs - specially designed exhaust for optimum air ejection
  • Low maintenance - drip oiler stops when pump not operating
  • Calm pump operation - single piece rotor
  • High vacuum stability - gentle milking with low vacuum and high turbulences during rinsing                     
  • Oil separator for clean air and low consumption
  • Sound absorber reduce the noise level

Always guaranteed: A low gentle vacuum

GEA guarantees constant optimum performance for a stable milking vacuum which provides the basis for long-term udder health. Due to the precise construction of the rotor and the pump housing the RPS pumps create an efficient and economical vacuum production. The vacuum even remains constant due to servo-controlled fine adjustment and large vacuum reserves in case of changing load and air ingress.

Safe and accurate control

The central motor control system which was constructed particularly durable and maintenance-friendly controls processes and runs the system. With the built-in hours counter you can exactly monitor when the next routine service is due to be carried out.

AquaSilent vacuum pumps do not harm environment and ears

GEA has developed vacuum pumps with an optimized level of efficiency which means a greater air capacity while retaining the same connected load. They create a constant low vacuum for a gentle and economical milking.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Optimized level of efficiency
  • Oil-free operation
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Silent
  • Compact
  • Few wear parts

The water ring principle

A bucket wheel impeller rotates in water around the motor shaft in the process the water is pressed outwards against the pump housing. The resulting cavities between the water and the impeller create a low air pressure which produces the vacuum required. The water serves as a sealant and coolant at the same time. A separator separates the water-air mixture and the fluid flows back into the feeder tank.

The AquaSilent vacuum pumps are built very compactly and they contain very few wear parts. AquaSilent vacuum pumps can be customized for any size of installation with air flow rates from 850 to 2400 litres per minute.

Built-in safety

Tried and fast reactions: The Vacurex or Commander vacuum regulators ensure that the vacuum level remains constant even if the loadings change. They are servo-controlled and react at lightning speed within 5/100 of a second. Large filter surfaces ensure that the control valves and filters continue to operate reliably even after they have been in operation for many hours.

High-tech lobe pumps that clean themselves

The RPL series is equipped with a three-lobe rotor in a durable housing. Only with this special construction vacuum production for milking installations can be efficiently increased.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Reduces the energy costs by more than 50%
  • Efficient vacuum production with a three-lobe rotor system
  • Cyclone principle makes regular rinsing dispensable
  • Environmentally-friendly and low-maintenance

Running smoothly and quietly

The three-lobe rotors run smoothly and quietly without making contact and exhaust noise is limited to a minimum. This will be optimized by a newly designed pressure compensator. The gear wheels of the drive have parallel teeth and are manufactured to very high tolerances. This type of precision guarantees perfect synchronization during operation and lowest wear and tear.

The vacuum pumps of the RPL series do not need regular rinsing. The cyclone principle and effective filters for fluids and solid particles care for cleanliness. Even in very tough environments a specifically designed separator in a 230 litres vacuum tank ensures optimal cleaning of the suction air and offers highest safety and efficiency.

Power for any situation

Each RPL vacuum pump is designed to allow a frequency converter to be fitted at a later date. This will smoothly adjust the capacity of the vacuum pumps in line with the vacuum requirement of the milking installation. This helps to reduce energy costs by more than 50%.
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