Tube Scraper System

The tube scraper system has been designed to move as much manure as possible into a prefabricated concrete tube installed underneath the manure alley.

The opening in the draw bar allows manure and liquid to drain into the channel behind the paddle. This way, the paddle directs only the material from the previous cleaning stroke towards the cross gutter. A wheel positioned at the rear of the scraper pushes material into the tube to keep the groove free from any obstruction.

Free Stall Cleaner - Tube Scraper System

  • V shaped scraper directing the manure towards the middle of the scraper.
  • Wheel at the rear of the scraper to push the material inside the tube. Keeping the 2" (51 mm) deep groove free from any obstruction.
  • This design promotes manure collection by underground tube rather than by the alley.
  • The stainless steel paddle flips up on the return stroke in order to clear the channel bottom and avoid bringing material back.
  • Built with heavy-duty steel for a long life span.
  • Installed with steel cable only.
  • Tube installation with provided concrete forms.

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